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Team 1nf1n1ty

 Sastra, Thanjavur


Join us on 5th October (Thursday) 5.30 pm at Tifac Auditorium as we analyze, decode and defend.

Do you share a passion towards securing the digital realm? 
Team 1nf1n1ty is back with an exclusive orientation for the semester! Get ready to witness fun exploits, real-life breaches and more.

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Here is TATA COMMUNICATIONS' Cybersecurity Hackathon! Unleash your talents to defend the online world! Develop defense tactics and become a hero to millions of people.

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In a world of closed doors, we find the key. We thrive on solving complex problems and spotting vulnerabilities. 
If you are ready to open up new horizons in the world of cybersecurity and challenge yourself, we have a place for you in our team. Join our crew of passionate hackers and get a chance to prove your mettle.

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Ready to take on the ultimate challenge? Join our workshop on 'What if destroying the world is a game? CTFs and Bug Bounties' and discover the thrilling world of cybersecurity competitions. Learn the skills needed to hunt for vulnerabilities and protect against cyberattacks. Don't miss out on this exciting opportunity to level up your security game!

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Unlock the mysteries of cryptography with our workshop on Secrets, Lies, and Cryptography! Join us as we delve into the fundamentals of this fascinating topic and learn how to keep your secrets safe. Don't miss out on this opportunity to expand your knowledge and enhance your skills!

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#CryptographyWorkshop #SecretsAndLies #FundamentalsOfEncryption
DevDays is a month long technical workshop powered by the holy trinity - DCS×GDSC×1nf1n1ty. Get ready to witness, experience and participate in a wide variety of technical workshops. Whether you are an amateur or a pro we have a whole lot of exciting events for you.
There will always be hordes of people searching for the treasure, but only the brightest will be able to perceive that the true prize is our safety and security. Don your thinking caps as it is time for an adventure!

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