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We all have the dream of building our own house. But, unfortunately, these kinds of projects cost a lot of money, whether that means starting from scratch or re-modelling your old house. So how can you make the most of your budget to build the house of your dreams?

Of course, you would never want to lower the quality of the construction of your house just for the sake of saving money. However, expenses on residential construction projects often escalate out of proportion, and many go on that disastrous route. The good news is that there is a safe way to cut expenses from your project without compromising the quality. How? The key lies in good planning and expert advice. Yes! With the help of an expert building cost estimator, you can calculate all the expenses involved in your project and go ahead with the construction without surprises. Like many other things in life, higher investment in the early stage will pay off in the end.

Give us a call to find out how.

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Boom or Bust?

2022 is shaping up to be one of the most challenging periods for many builders and subcontractors. Customers are lining up out the door, BOOM!! but material shortages and price increases, as well as labour shortages are driving costs into unsustainable levels until…. well, you know what comes next….
Are you prepared for such a situation? 

Expenses on a residential construction project, can quickly escalate out of proportion, and when the construction gets started, you will likely find more surprises along the way. All these unknowns can bring a lot of anxiety and concerns and the possible challenges might even compromise the whole project. To avoid this, most housing and government associations are recommending you get help from a building professional, a quantity surveyor or building cost estimator. Know where you stand right from the outset. Avoid the stress and anxiety of an unprofitable project and speak to the team at Estimating Australia today.

Give us a call and find out how you can keep your project under control.
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NEW - Project Management / Project Scheduling

Estimating Australia are proud to announce that we now offer assistance with Project Management Timelines or Gantt Chart Scheduling.

A cost estimate is an important part of any project BUT making sure of the time frames that each project requires is equally important. Missing project deadlines, means unhappy client's and unprofitable projects.

If you need to highlight critical paths, or just ensure you are able to reach project deadlines, Estimating Australia have the specific knowledge, skills and experience to assist your company increase your efficiency and compete your projects on time and on budget.  Give us a call to find out more.
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Happy to work with our business partners on this apartment complex in Surfers Paradise . Early Stage Cost Estimating is such an important part of any new project. An accurate estimation of the project costs will support all parties in the decision-making process. It allows the managers to drive value management decisions for the design / finishes, as well as integration with all services. These decisions are vital for all projects large or small. Contact us for your next project. 
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Apartment Living!
Estimating Australia are proud to be associated with several apartment complex projects undergoing further development.  The current  economic climate makes accurate cost estimates a vital part of every project. With a combination of experience, up to the minute price books, we can help bring your next project together. We look forward to working with our builder partners in this exciting and moving market.
Sustainability in Construction
There has a lot of talk about what is best for our environment. While there is much to say, construction has been slow on the uptake of such "green" initiatives. But things are starting to “grow” on people, and many are starting to realize the environmental and financial benefits of such investments. But where do you start and how should this be implemented or incorporated into a building project? What role does a building estimator play in such initiatives? Give Estimating Australia a call to find out how to make your next project greener, saving the environment and saving you money over the life of your investment.
See it in 3D! Fully understand what is included. See you estimates from all angles. Or even migrate to BIM software for the ultimate in quantity surveying software.