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New support hero revealed!! What do we think her abilities will be? 👀 #overwatch2 #newhero
Had a blast watching the new Transformers movie tonight thanks to @ParamountAU! 

#ParamountPicsInvited #Transformers #RiseOfTheBeasts
sup bro #chad
Celebrating the launch of Patch 6.4 of Final Fantasy XIV live on stream today!! 😊

The new patch includes:
● New main scenario quests
● A Brand New dungeon
● New 8 person raids
● Stormblood main scenario dungeons added to the Duty support system

I have really enjoyed my playthrough of the campaign so far and there's a free trial available for you guys to play up to level 60 (with no time restrictions)! I recommend the Materia Data Center if you are in ANZ. 

Link in bio.

Floof says hi :)
Thank you @the_oodie for this super comfy panda Sleep Tee!! Code ‘HOSHIZORAOW’ for a discount at checkout! 🐼 Link in bio.

Overwatch really knows their audience LMAO!! Lifeweaver is sooo aesthetic 

#overwatch #overwatch2 #lifeweaver