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Some photos from the wonderful @womenwhorollerskate event, the Rolling Wonderland @wonderwonder.boulder 🥰 I’m continuously blessed to be so supported by my communities, as well as have the opportunity to give the support back! 

Come see me this Saturday at 5 for a reading at Hexes and Hoes at Mystique Lingerie in Fort Collins! What a perfect way to celebrate Mabon and the harvest season 💫💜 @uncommonmarketsco
@horridspirits is hosting another wonderful #gramreaperalternativemarket at @grandmasbeerco in Denver this upcoming Saturday 7/16!!! 🌟I will be offering for the first time personalized tarot birth card charts and readings. Much like your zodiac sign, everyone’s birthday has a corresponding set of tarot cards as well 🔮💫 Come see me for a personalized tarot birth card worksheet!
Readings from last weekend at the @horridspirits Gram Reaper Alternative Market!! Such good spirits at this event, constant reminders of how blessed I feel to be following my dream! 

Catch me this weekend for a reading at the Pandemic Pride Market with @uncommonmarketsco !
Happy Full Pink Moon 2022! Named the Pink Moon in anticipation of Spring and the colorful flowers, this years pink moon is in Libra. Ruled by Venus, Libra is about beauty, harmony, and balance. This will effect the parts of your birth chart that include Libra. My moon sign is Libra, and I have been soooo looking forward to this Pink full moon in Libra! 

Today is an excellent time to honor your intuition, pay attention to signs and omens, and full moons are an excellent time to step into your magical power! Around this time I also like to reflect on the intention I’d like to set for my next moon cycle. 

Have a blessed full moon tonight! 
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I had such a lovely time doing readings at the @bodymindspiritexpo! With summertime coming up, fair season is just getting into the swing of it, and I cannot wait for what this season has to offer when it comes to fairs, readings, vending, and events! Thank you everyone for your support! ♥️

Featuring the amazing Transformation Oracle

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The wonderful Sonya Shannon and me at the @bodymindspiritexpo Saturday! I had a wonderful time doing readings for people, especially alongside my idol Sonya!! I cannot wait for the future of my projects and the opportunity to work alongside Sonya again! 

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Happy April Fool’s Day! 

Deck: The Cosmic Slumber Tarot

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