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 Houston Texan
28 yr old Father. CEO of the fastest growing solar company in Texas. Sales God and a Leader of Leader. Professional Gamer when I’m not selling or building toward 9 figures.


Success is always fun when your boys winning too!! #solarmoney #solarboys #squadgoals #squad #winning #poppinbottles
We got motion!! And that’s all we needed. Come step with the BIG DAWGS!! We applying pressure #BlitzSzn #Round2 #Pressure #Success #Brotherhood #solar #texas #d2d
Yesterday I was clever so I wanted to change the world. 
Today I am wise, so I am changing myself 
 #maninthemirror #growthmindset
Every thing you want in life is a commission, from the kind of wife you have , the kind of lifestyle you and your family have, everything 💭

I’ve learned that selling gets me what I want, to get better and higher commissions, the better I gotta sell. 👨🏾‍💼

I’m doing a zoom call with my some of sales team at 10pm! 🚨

If anyone wants to hop on hear some things that has helped me in getting better results in sales HOP ON! 

Send me a dm for the link 10pm 

Ps don’t have any new flyers so ima post this one from when I was doing trading calls. More of that coming soon 😈🔏
It’s a shame for men to grow old without seeing their true potential. #10x #NoRiskNoReward #Millions
My people can’t wait to become successful to stunt on the same people they were suppose to be inspiring. Nothing wrong with competing to push yourself, but the competition shouldn’t be anything but motivation for yourself, not keeping your own people beneath you.
Miami I’ll be back …