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Locked myself out of my other account @inf_pat so if anything im on this hoe
Many people are taking profits on bitcoin I think we will have a bit of a consolidation period before another move to the upside $30,000 is looking very possible but many people will get shaken out after so if you didn’t yet TAKE PROFITS ON #BITCOIN it’s always better to take profits then sit through a bloody market we will have to correct after such a big move, #Ethereum on the other hand is looking very good as it’s move wasn’t as significant yet. The current price is just above $700 last time I posted the price was around the $500 range you should already be in profit wether on bitcoin or ethereum, and if you placed and leverage trades you should be up over 300% with 20x leverage message me to join my trading alert group where I send out every good trade to take without you having to worry about a thing.
If your a bit more of a trader then an investor, I would look into using 30% of your #bitcoin to buy #Ethereum $ETH has a bit of ways to catch up to bitcoin and with every big move up in the markets there's a pull back instead of sitting around Ethereum is looking very good.
That right there hit very very hard. Man here's some motivation to those who need it. If it's good or not it doesn't matter. Either we die from it or we learn from it. Keep learning. Knowledge is power. #mrinfluenced
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