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Today is the day that we will remove our whole floor! This means that I will hop off socials for some time. You'll catch me from time to time (via my phone) BUT I will be back on 6 Nov 8PM GMT+1. Take good care of yourself and your surroundings and catch you soon!❤️🧡💛💚💙💜🤍🫂
For them not in Discord!!

I appreciate you!!
On Tuesday I'm gonna post a schedule as we don't know for sure if Monday's stream can continue because of changes in our home that need to be done before they can replace our floors😉 (this will be done on the 9th, gonna remind you all later!)
Bearded Dragon called Mexy (probably 7 months old)

It's NutsJr's pet and he adores her the same amount she adores him❤️💙

Difference between pic 5 and 6 is 5 weeks; between pic 6 and 7 is 6 weeks... She's growing so BIG!
Nothing much else to say!
For them not in Discord!!
March 2021 (earlier post)
Sept 2023 

Little difference🫣💙
But extremely proud of myself and my community for making this possible!!

Pic1 (earlier post) = Beginning of my set-up; Sharkoon case w/ vans (this will be the pc for our son), Trust GTX keyboard, mouse and soundbar, Logitec C920
Pic 2 = My complete setup right now! All is placed on a IKEA UPPSPEL Gamedesk 180x80cm up/down
There will definitely be some changes as I want some more White upgrades; think about a mouse (M65 wireless), Stream Deck+, soundbar/speakers, and Wave mic arm LP (for my crafting/LEGO streams). 
But also some Blue; headset and PBT DOUBLE-SHOT PRO keycab Mod Kit- ElgatoBlue.
And of course a second Key Light Air, Key light mini, LT100 Smart Lighting Towers (for more en better hypetrain experiences) and iCUE ELITE CPU Cooler LCD Display Upgrade Kit - White.
There's gonna be an other Camera but not quite sure which one yet.
Pic 3 = My background! With loads of different stuff; headbands (channelpoint redemptions), plants, Sims cooking book, controllers and of course my Stitch cross-stitch made by a lovely friend on IKEA Skadis pegboard w/ accessories 

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