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Happy Valentines Day from Mr.Bridge 💕💘
🤔What are my skills? How do i know what skills to include on a resume? ✏️📃

🔍Research what skills are most in demand for your industry and relevant for the position you’re applying for

🧩Employers are looking for individuals who have the right blend of two different types of skills: Hard Skills and Soft Skills 

💪🏻A trick to narrow down what skills to put on a resume is to review the various duties of the position and identify which of your personal strengths can or have been used to successfully complete such tasks

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Celebrating Friday at SkyBridge Aviation with office Secret Santa 🤫🎅🏼
SBA office is ready for Santa 🎅🏼
Placing an importance on your career is 🎶MUSIC🎶 to Mr. Bridge’s ear…
He is attending the debut Electronic Career Festival (ECF) with these insane headliner set lists: 

👯‍♀️“Update you” by RESUMÈ 
🗣“Prepared” by Inner-View Crew
💰“Know my worth” by Ray Search 
🌉“It’s a small world” by Anti-Bridge Burners
🤝“Who are you” by Network-182
And much more! 

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Personal development skills are qualities & abilities that help you grow both professionally and personally.

Understanding and fine tuning these skills can assist in maximizing your potential.

Here are some tips of how you can improve on your personal development skills: 

🗣Networking: Learn new ideas and understand how to communicate with different personality types.

👥Get a Mentor: Someone who can help identify ways to build your self development skills.

📓Keep a Journal: Reflect on recent events, decisions, and conversations.

👀Observe Others: Watch and learn from the people who inspire you.

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Quick view of the new set up at SkyBridge Aviation office in Orlando✈️
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