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Just a little introduction… 
My name is Spencer Card, this new profile page will be centered and curated towards my personal fitness journey, my goals and future business plans. My ultimate goal is to help inspire, motivate, lead and assist those around me in ASCENDING to a higher level in their lives. Whether that is in fitness, social or work life. So follow me on this great journey in life and together we will RISE TO NEW HEIGHTS! #fitness #fitnessmotivation #inspiration #gymrat #bodybuilding #bodypositivity
Sometimes you just gotta use what hurts you as fuel. Fuel to push through and reinvent yourself. Fuel for good change, and direction in your life. More often then not we over look what we can achieve when we are so low. Use the pain you feel as a force of good to drive you to a better version of yourself. To ascend and Rise to New Heights! #fitness #motivation #bodybuilding #mentalhealthawareness #change #gymrat #inspiration
Tomorrow is never guaranteed. Put the work in today! Get after it. Rain or shine! RISE to new HEIGHTS! #fitness #inspiration #motivation #bodybuilding #gym #gymrat
The holidays can be rough…
I fell off a little bit the last week or so with my routines. For many this time of year can be a constant struggle with keeping up with family, friends, attending events, balancing work, and life let alone focusing on your fitness goals. All of which can be detrimental on one’s mental health as well. However if I can offer some advice it would be to not beat yourself up. Stay positive, smile when you don’t want to, remember your “why” and get back to your routine. We’re in this for the long haul. It’s not a sprint, and you must remind yourself that and to always love yourself. Like always remember to “Rise to new Heights”!! #motivation #fitness #bodybuilding #bodybuildingmotivation #goals #positivity