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Such a risk, but I'm willing to take a chance
What you think with my heart sitting in your hand?❤️‍🔥
Cloud nine was always out of reach
Now I remember what it feels like to fly
You give me butterflies 🦋🫶🏼
Hey ya’ll just wanted to say that I’m honestly so excited to share that I signed up with my first agency on TikTok can’t wait to see where this journey goes 👊🏼💫 thank you to all my followers and my friends who have been supporting me on the tok and gifting me on my lives would also love to thank my TikTok fams that have helped me get followers to get where I am right now much love 🫶🏼💫if y’all haven’t already go follow me and I will follow you back💫🫶🏼
Miss independent that’s why I love herrr😘💫
Up north shenanigans🤍🌲🍂💫


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