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Advanced Spine & Disc

 5250 Commerce Dr #155, Murray, Utah 84107

Advanced Spine & Disc is a medical clinic that provide Neck and Back Pain Treatment without surgery in Murray, Utah. Here at Advanced Spine & Disc, more effective treatment is available. We specialize in giving patients an option outside of the traditional model that typically has such poor outcomes. With Spinal Decompression treatment, we eliminate the need for surgery by fixing the underlying problem. Radiologists have confirmed that with spinal decompression you can permanently correct damage to the spine. This results not only in the avoidance of the risks and complications associated with invasive procedures, but more importantly, it gets you out of pain and back to your life. Whether you’re suffering from sciatica, a bulging or herniated disc, numbness and tingling, or nerve pain, at Advanced Spine & Disc we can get you on the road to real recovery. Even if you have already had surgery, we can help. You deserve effective solutions for your pain. Come talk to us today about whether you qualify for treatment. Advanced Spine & Disc have helped many people out of pain by using the latest and most advanced non-surgical treatment for neck and back pain. We fix the problem, not just the symptoms. Put an end to your back and neck pain without surgery.


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