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فلوج نمبر ٢: لقيت الطبطبة.. #vlog #egypt #tabtaba #mickeymouse
My first attempt to vlog - I’m used to creating them for others but not for me so here goes. Let me know what you think! #backstreetboys #cairo
الجانب الإنساني في عالم ريادة الأعمال مع هاني السنباطي

هنتكلم مع هاني السنباطي عن الجانب الإنساني لريادة الأعمال وأهم جوانب النجاح، تاريخه الشخصي، نظرته تجاه الشراكات وكيفية نجاحها، وإزاي تقدر تفصل بين حياتك وشغلك علشان تقدر تواصل نجاحك.

هاني السنباطي هو المؤسس المشارك والشريك المنتدب لشركة سواري فينتشرز.

الحلقة دي بالتعاون مع تكني ساميت 
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اسمع البودكاست مكان ما بتسمع البودكاست بتاعتك من خلال
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10/10 - Picked it up thinking it was something but turned out to be something completely different. An intense page-turner - couldn’t put it down and went through it in one setting. Definitely re-reading it again. اشتريت الكتاب وفي دماغي من الوصف قصة، وطلع الكتاب قصة تانية أقوي وأعمق مما تخيلت. نادرا ما في كتب بتخليني موقفش قراءة للآخر وده واحد منها. زي ما بيقولوا كده an emotional rollercoaster. #book #bookstagram #كتب
8/10 Rating - I always gravitated towards stories about older people, especially ones that are not dramatic but more on the fun side and this is exactly it. Hendrik Groen and Evert Duiker, faithful friends in good and bad times, are well over seventy and their lives have quieted down. They see each other once a week to play chess, have a drink, and grab a bite to eat while reflecting on life.

But one day, their peace is rudely disturbed when Evert shows up on Hendrik's doorstep with a surprise in the form of an unexpected little guest. He had spotted a stroller with a baby in it—unattended for just a minute—and, in a moment of utter madness, decided to take it for a walk. Hilarious, right? Not to Hendrik, who can barely believe his friend's stupidity.

After Evert regains recovers from his momentary lapse of sanity, the two seventy-year-olds resolve to return their charge to its parents—hopefully without being noticed. But the quiet neighborhood is now swarmed by bumbling police officers, and they realize that getting rid of their accidental foster child will be more difficult than expected . . . #bookstagram #book
Going to start sharing books I finished ready here. When it comes to my book choices, they are not always non fiction, and they are not always thrillers/action/historical fiction, etc. Had a lot of fun reading this one. Just like what’s written on the cover, it is Bridget Jones meets The Devil Wears Prada. I’m surprised they didn’t turn this into a TV show or a movie since it came out. Lots of fun if you are into fashion/celebrities/Hollywood/etc. 7.5/10 #book
At Cairo today recording episodes for the podcast @ma3anaguib - if you want to say hi 👋 stop by ✌️