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Hi there, thanks for stopping by! My social media presence is a "work-in-progress". Join me and let's build each other up. 😎


😢Ever felt like no one is believing in you or at least showing you some support?

🤦🏻‍♀️I can't count how many times that this has happened to me, and it just feels the worst when those closest to you arent' showing one drop of belief or support.

😚 But that's alright. Because as long as you believe in yourself... You will attract the right market and they will love what you do.

😊What you see for your products or services is your calling, and you are called to make that wonderful impact in your community.

🥰Continue to dream BIG... then, wake up and slay that goal! You got this!

🥳For everything else, I am here for you! Let's make your brand stand out strategically. I got you!


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Hair all the way up and ready to face the year ahead!

I am here to lift not only myself up, but all those entrepreneurs like me.

Stay true to yourself and never stop believing that your passion for making an impact on your community will soon come to fruition.

Are you ready? 'Coz I am. Find me here:

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Wake up. Drink coffee. Go to work. Come home. Sleep.
Has this been your routine? Like you are on auto-pilot?
Because if it is... STOP!
Each and every waking moment, we are given a chance to choose, so...
STOP having a "no choice" attitude
STOP saying that you are too old to start something new
STOP the "what if" mindset
STAR•T seeing the possibilities
START setting new goals
START building new dreams
👉🏼 Choose to do good
👉🏼 Choose to pay it forward and make an impact
👉🏼 Choose to live
Dream big and let me help you make it happen.
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Hi, I’m Aicx Medina.
I left college, managed my own photo and design studio, then braved my way through curiosity and learning.
About a decade later, I started helping business owners create more visibility for their brands.
And now, here I am ready to educate more passionate entrepreneurs to be brave, show up, and do the same.
“I walk on this earth to do what I do best, to simply spread kindness. Waking up to help and empower people in building the business that they’ve always dreamed of, and to be the better versions of themselves.”
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Clients who said no.
Projects that never made the signing.
Business partners who left.
And even families and friends who didn't support your ideas.
This is real. This is happening for us.
But we should never stop and be stuck.
Let all these "No" and rejections fuel you to strive even more.
Learn the lesson and strive to be better each time.
Because we are no longer going back to open old doors... we are going back to buy the building.
Now, are you with me?
Ready to move away from 2020?

This year, many of us have been stretched too thin coping with the losses and uncertainty, and some of us are at times too tired to see any other solutions since the pandemic hit.

And during those times, even the simplest decision of staying positive might just not be enough.

Let me tell you something real here.

Each waking moment is uncertain.
Each move you make is unforeseen.
Each day is still a story waiting to be told.

You had a bad day today, rewrite tomorrow.

Set goals, and focus on that goal… No matter what.

Instead of a New Year’s Resolution, let’s talk about Goals.

What are you Top 3 Goals for the first 3 months of 2021?

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Happy Holidays!

Whether you’re enjoying the day with loved ones or peacefully alone, I hope you’re safe. As for me, I’m honestly happy to have spent this Holiday with my partner and my brother with a simple but hearty meal. Nothing can take that simple moment of happiness we shared during dinner.

Tell me in the comments below, how are you celebrating the holidays? 😉
#smallbusiness #happyholidays #socialcurator #brandstrategy #branding #christmas #bosslife #entrepreneurlife #purposedriven #passiontoprofit #hustle #goals #instagood #ceo #bossbabe #leadership #christmas2020



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