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R u lookin’ for a waifu or sum1 2 wife u?

#dragoncon #dragoncon2023 #sticker #stickerporn #waifumaterial #waifus #dragonconswagnseek
#dragoncon photo dump pt. 1, Sorry I forgot y’all’s IG but please tag yourself in the comments.
I’m starting to get more comfortable behind the camera. There are certainly things I still struggle with.. But this is a process I enjoy.
@victoria.register & @solomoncomposes
📸: @bayaireus 
Closing doors left ajar so that I can see my reflection in the mirrorless [lens].
Last of what I captured in #nola before I start dropping more art hoe photo shoots and Dragoncon stuff. Also pls send me pics of your gay dogs.
I wasn’t playing dead, I was just playing possum.
We haven’t even made it to the possum yet.
Vibing in Nola. Thank you @dovetailnola for the hospitality. Also shout out to @xtrasyrup for providing the vibes.
#neworleans is a beautiful place with a rich and vibrant culture. The understanding of flavor pairings is absolutely phenomenal and I wasn’t disappointed with anything I had whilst there. @everythangnolacafe @thecaffeinatedrose @traderbro06 Y’all, I get it.