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Alex Villoria

 San Diego

Your favorite singing, YouTubing, EMT ❤ Check out my new album, "Deluxed" out on all platforms! 😉

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Catch the full video on the YT ✨
From the show last August—my first time performing live for y’all 🫶 I’m shocked people actually came and enjoyed! Thank you for sticking around 🥹
Thank you to @gattmiles for your fantastic artistry and creativity on the keys!
Thank you to @ale.rosenblat for the masterful post mixing!
First show 😳 come hang out, it’s free! I love you, see you there <3
Whitney, but jazz 🤔
Thanks to @prodigy_studios for helping bring the vision to life for my fav track I’ve put out (so far) ❤️check out the full vid on my channel!
#jazz #singing #ursaminipro #redkomodo #sonya7siii
When @cindyzhangmusic asked me to hop on a song, I was more than honored to say the least! She’s been such an inspirational and talented artist to have the pleasure of knowing, so thank you to her and @crossratio for having me be part of her amazing project! ❤️

Stream her album, Songs for Rainy Days, and find our song “Far Too Close” on the deluxe version 😛
Good vibe alert: I’ve been finding more opportunities and resources that contribute to a more sustainable attitude towards making music. I don’t feel like I’m at a dead end anymore. Thank you for being here—I’m truly excited to show you some new stuff for your ear holes :)

PS—my girlfriend and I are actually decent at photography.??
If my music career falls through, I know I’ll make a killing in photography! 🤫📸🔥
#fyp #music #photography #offcameraflash
“Deluxed” had this whole crazy release roadmap that was put on hold due to some situations out of my control. Although the release didn’t perform stellar, I’ve learned and grown so much as an artist. I truly pushed my voice, education, emotions, and mind throughout the whole process. For the past 8 months, I felt so insecure about how different the release went in comparison to how I’d dreamt it to be. However, seeing these numbers makes me feel that I’m still doing what I‘be always loved, regardless of the road blocks. Strange to say, but Deluxed is still just getting started, and so is the rest of this whole music career journey :-) If you’re still around, I could never tell you how grateful I am that you’ve let my sounds and emotions be heard. I’ve worked on myself a lot and am beginning to approach artistry from a whole new perspective & patience. I’m gonna do my best to make better shit this coming year 🫢

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