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Hi dear friends and family,

I've finally found the courage to share with you all after avoiding the hustle and bustle of social media for a while, prioritizing my mental well-being and life.

Firstly, I found out I was pregnant in April, and I couldn't believe it. Given my history of previous miscarriages, I was afraid this might not be real. That's why I hesitated to share the news with anyone, even my relatives, until at least the fourth month.

My first ultrasound came in at week 13, quite late. I was in the midst of handling my resignation process at work and finishing ongoing projects before leaving. Moreover, access the healthcare in Canada wasn't easy; finding midwives or prenatal doctors accepting new patients required referrals. That was quite challenging, but thankfully, Telus Virtual Doctor came to my aid in making the referral. Finally, that first ultrasound made me believe there was indeed a little baby growing inside me. It's  true!! I couldn't stop my tears when I finally saw the baby and heard the heartbeats.❤️

I consider myself incredibly lucky to have the support of my husband, my family, and my in-laws. My husband worked extra hours and even helped with household chores, prioritizing me and baby's over anything else.

Though at times, there's a sense of loneliness, where if only I were in Indonesia near my Mom and Dad, maybe I'd be pampered. But here, I have to learn to be more independent.

I also have Eevee, my caring and empathetic pawdaughter, always curious to hear the baby's movements inside my tummy, but always startled when the baby kicks.

I'm immensely grateful to God for blessing us with the baby at His perfect time. At a point when I couldn't continue my full-time job due to unforeseen circumstances, we have given up on trying after miscarriages, but suddenly blessed with a strong and healthy baby inside me, even when I had to work nights to mornings during the first trimester.

Thank you, God, for all the blessings you have bestowed upon us. This December, when we finally get to meet our child, may this little one be a blessing to everyone—healthy, happy, strong, kind, and full of love for God, family, and self. ❤️
Current weight 133lbs (60.3kg)
I'm shocked. What has happened to my body?
I am bulking for 1.5 years and yet reached my heaviest at 60.3kg?
It's usually my leanest when I was in Indonesia ( I love Indonesian cuisines ❤️❤️)
I am even not restricting my food intake, I eat rice, my favourite nasi goreng ati ampela, curry /laksa noodle, fried noodles, aglio olio pasta, fish and chips, nuggets, kimchi jeon, anything. So this is a whole new world.
But I do weight lifting 6 days /week, no cardio, and I didn't eat anything at night after my last dinner at 4, except tea or coffee with a bit of milk no sugar, but only sweetener to keep me awake throughout the night working. Also I eat veggies not just raw salad (because I can't eat raw veggies everyday😅, so most of the time I make stir fry veggies with meatball, shrimp, anchovies, or oyster sauce, anything to make it taste better)🙈
This is awesome.

Now I want to try to add 20-30 minutes cardio after each weightlifting session until summer and see how I will look and feel then. I can call it new year resolution.🐼

#weightlifting #fitnessmotivation  #girlswholift

Btw wibu is life❤️ jadi mau pamer jaket doank.😚🐼🐼 Can't wait for new season of Kimetsu no Yaiba, Bleach, Nanatsu no Taizai, Jujutsu Kaisen and of course Shingeki no Kyojin final part 😩
Progress pics 5 Sep 2022

#girlswholift #stayfit #weightlossjourney
First 3 weeks of training Eevee, won't call it a training because she figured out on her own. Smart girl~
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What are you thinking Eevee?

She suddenly laughed at something 🙈
#funnydogs #dogsofinstagram #labmix #huskymix #puppiesofinstagram #puppylove #puppylife #Eeveenstein
Snowing in April~

Well Eevee get to use her new coat. Mom must be a psychic. ❤️
#yyj #victoriabc
A new family member of ours Eevee "Honey" ❤️❤️

Thank you @raincoastdogrescue to make our dream come true. Thanks to Mom and Dad for the reference as well. Now we have the perfect snuggly baby who loves to put her head on our lap while asking for a rub. 

She wore her first gift from her grandma and grandpa as preparation for cold weather later. Look at that huge smile❤️🐶

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