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Faefarm ~ 🌾

So, I got this game on steam to try out. There isn’t anything really special about this game and I’ll be honest, I was resistant to getting it because it just felt overhyped and nothing we haven’t already seen. When I played it, I was like “meh” about it. I do like a farming sim, don’t get me wrong but not at this price point…no.

Unfortunately, I had left the game open whilst I was doing something else and was unable to return the game for a refund. So, in light of that, I will be playing faefarm because I did purchase the deluxe edition and who knows, I might like as more updates happen? 

What are your thoughts on the game? Did you get it , did you not? I’m curious to see what everyone is thinking about.

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And I regret NOTHING 😂💀

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I saw the lovely @torchigrove on her stream, making her forever island and it got me thinking… I, too, want a forever island on Animal Crossing: New Horizons!

My goals…

- Villagers with fully customized houses
- completed critterpedia
- completed museum
- a decorated island that changes with the seasons in decor, small town vibes with farmlands and coastal beaches.
- completed HHP 
- complete the catalog naturally
- Get Brewster!!! (Still haven’t gotten him)
- Make my own custom paths/codes!

As of right now, I want to create my own forever island myself. No mystery islands or 🌶️ switch friend help at all! The only question is… would you like to see this cozy play through on YouTube or IG reels? 🤎

#acnh #animalcrossingnewhorizons #animalcrossing #cozygamer #cozygaming #nintendo
Mineko’s Night Market 🍂

I’ve been seeing this beautiful game floating around the cozy gaming community ~ I’m on the fence about getting it… have you played it yet? I’d love to hear your thoughts!

#cozygamer #cozygaming #minekosnightmarket #cozygamergirl #cozygamingcommunity
A game that’s been sitting at 50% completed is Spiritfarer - have you played and/or finished this game?

I remember crying so much when I did play and had to stop due to a personal family loss last year, and this game just pushed me over the she a little. I am wanting to pick this one up again, because it was just so beautiful and melancholic 🥹😭

#spiritfarer #cozygaming #cozygamer #cozygamerecommendation #gamerecommendation
Wytchwood by @alientrapgames has been on my backlog since it’s release. I’ve decided that with all of these new games coming out, I am on a buying ban until I’ve completed the games I’ve already purchased!

Have you played Wytchwood yet? Are you planning on it?

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Who doesn’t love the autumn section at Target?! 😂🤎 @target 

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