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Witchy Fae Enchantress 🦋📖🌸✨🪄

[do not repost, claim or use. This is a paid commission for my use only! - alipixls]

Once again, ya girl commissioned the lovely @agingerly & look at how beautiful she turned out!! Thank you so much Breezy for this beautiful art piece!!!

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POV: you play baldurs gate 3 with your significant other 💕

Follow me for more bg3 & gaming content!😊

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Happy November Friends! Here is something a little bit more vulnerable than usual but I wanted to talk about it despite that.

If you are like me, you probably have always had a hard time putting yourself out there. Afraid of the spotlight, afraid of letting yourself be “selfish”, afraid to start doing something because you see all the negative things that’ll happen down the road if you did… that is me.

I’ve been on and off with creating content seriously for awhile now. I’ve been like this out of fear of it not working out and not having the courage to push through those feelings. What if it doesn’t work out because I didn’t think things through more? What if people are disappointed with my content? What if, what if, what if?…

I’ll be honest, I still struggle with this. The only thing that’s changed is that I push through. I silence my worries and write them down, acknowledge that they’re there, and think of new creative ways to not feel that way anymore. I can’t control what the future holds for me but what I can control is my present.

If you’re a content creator, streamer or just someone whose afraid to put yourself out there. Don’t worry, you’re not alone! 

Comment your current hobbies, passion and/or dream, so we can support each other!

#motivation #streamergirl #twitchstreamer #contentcreator
POV: you use a filter generator & random dice generator to make your character!

All mods used are from Nexus Mods and the creator of the mods is Toarie 💕

Hair: Tav’s Hairpack 42 (mod name: Tavs Hair Salon)
Face: Toarie’s Aeris (Mod Name: New Character Creations Presets WIP)
Eye color: *Custom - sorry there wasn’t a name for it! (Mod name: Misc Mods) 

#bg3 #baldursgate3 #gaming #gamer
So happy to be back and streaming again! It’s been months, and I’ve missed our community so much! 🩶

Some exciting things to look forward to…

- New Channel Redeems
- Playing BG3 🩶
- Coworking and Co-writing streams Mondays & Fridays
- Community Game Nights on our discord server (swing by Thursday for the early invite to the server & special role given to the early birds💕)
- New Emotes (on the way!!)

I hope you all are as excited about a bg3 stream as I am! It may become my mainstay game until something else comes along that is just as good (which I don’t think that’ll be happening for a long time).

I look forward to seeing you there! 🩶

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Oh how the turn tables have turned on all creators who take breaks from social media 😅 my reach has never been this bad but I’m not going to let it discourage me from making content! Whose with me?!

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My first wide angle shot of my setup—what do you think? 🥹💕

How has your autumn been treating you? It’s already snowed where I live, and the temperature has been getting colder and colder.

Perfect weather for playing a cozy game or two! Even better, I’ve been reading Fourth Wing (and filming the experience for YouTube). So far, I’m understanding the hype around the book. It’s pretty good but is it a 5-star read? We shall see!

#cozy #gaming #desksetup #setup #fourthwing #cozygamer