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You're checked in with the Freshest Crew, hitting All Points… all night 😏

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Our YouTube has all the updated episodes. If you are the type that likes to watch us talk instead of listen to us talk. We got you. #allpoints #podcast #podcastersofinstagram  #spotify
Send us ur questions, your comments, ways to improve the show. If you love us or hate us we want to know. If your question gets picked we will give you a shout out on the show. 
And if you’re too lazy for that comment whatever below.
🎂🎉🥳🎈Want to give a special Birthday Shoutout to JonathanTheGreat we don’t know how old he is but just know he is applying for Medicare as we speak. We managed to bring him a birthday cake today before he left for work. You can tell how excited he was.  Tell him happy birthday in the comments. #RealPhoto #NotAICreated #happybirthday #HBD #drakefan
New studio who dis? 🤙🤙#NewStudio #AllPoints #podcasting
We dropped an episode on Saturday as we work out new release days. Go check it out and enjoy your week. 🍆💪❤️🔥🫡
Hey if you haven’t already go check out newest episode it’s out now. On @applepodcasts and @spotify. Due to our ever changing personal schedules we will start releasing new episodes on Saturdays now. We just want to give you the most up to date content on what’s going on in the world. We might release 2 a week or 1 it all depends either way we are going to be giving you our best content. 🫡 #AllPoints