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Another Milestone Unlocked ⭐️🎓

This week, I attended my official graduation and commencement ceremony @nus_singapore Being chosen as one of their Honour Graduates with the Highest Distinction, I feel like I nailed it ! 🤩

It’s a surreal feeling to finally have my master degree and to reflect on the journey that led me here. When I look back, I was hesitating whether pursuing a master’s degree is worth the time. I was filled with uncertainty weighting the pros and cons and questioned my own capabilities in competing with many smart minds in NUS. Today, I have no regrets as this 1 year experience has been very transformative 👏

I’ve had the privilege to meet many wonderful minds from professors, mentors, practitioners who nurtured my growth and pushed me beyond my limits. Not only that, I want to thanks to my Parents, Family and my NUS schoolmates as without their support I can’t be the person I am today 🔥

Here's to new beginnings, endless possibilities, and an exciting future ahead 🚀

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Looking Back at 2020 is indeed an amazing yet unforgettable year 🔥
At first, this year seemed so bad due to the pandemic and it looks like things won’t go as planned ⭐️
When the pandemic happened in March, the Indonesian Stock Market went down as well as my asset & company’s revenue. 
However, God is good all the time as He gave me the idea to always adapt and innovate throughout this volatile and uncertain condition and as a result I’m able to double the revenue of my business @customcakesurabaya in this uncertain condition😇
I’m thankful to God that my parents’ company @arthakharismasurabaya is also able to survive and I don’t recall cutting human resource costs at all and we’re always able to pay our team on time ✨
Last but not least, In this pandemic I’m also able to open two new businesses which are @sepatuorisurabaya and @fotafotoproduk and it's all thanks to God ! 🙏
Have a Happy New Year Everyone ! 🎇
#byebye2020 #welcome2021
Unofficially Graduated! Steven Anderson S.M., MSc. 🎓

One year flew by. Words can’t describe how much I’ve learned from all of my experience here in Singapore, especially as it was filled with many unique yet unexpected challenges. 🥳🙏

In NUS, I was pushed to do beyond my limit, and I had to be adaptable to various situations and conditions to swiftly decide what mattered to me. I’m grateful for every learning experience that I got here at NUS, it was an amazing experience to have studied in NUS Biz this past year. 

Thanks to all the wonderful human beings I’ve been blessed with during my study, it was a really fun experience to be graduated in a such conducive environment where I can meet many great minds, explore new interests, challenge myself, as well as learn in great schools! Here’s hoping I can pay it forward! 👨🏻‍🎓🔥

#graduation #nus #university #nusclassof2022 #nusbusinessschool
Doge Coin berhasil membuat orang ini jadi kaya raya mengubah 10 juta menjadi 5 miliar mau tau caranya ???
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Central Java Short Vacay with Family ! 🙌
First time visiting one of the seven wonders of the world ! ⭐️
At long last #26 🎂
Grateful for another year !
This year, I finished my studies at @nusbizschool, It was an eye-opener and amazing experience to have studied numerous things about AI, Blockchain, Big Data, Marketing, and last but not least, Finance. Not only that, I met many great minds, explored new interests, and met my new partner which in turn led to my new ventures in Singapore. 🔥
I believe that New Year always provides new opportunities for us. As business owners, we need to adapt to this volatile and uncertain business environment. Even though sometimes things might not work out as we expect, it's okay as long as we do our best and let God do the rest. 😇
I hope this year I can be a better person, that is useful to society and impacting Indonesia, one investor at a time through my content, experiences and knowledge sharing 📚
Lastly, Thank you to all of my followers colleagues and friends that have supported me up to this point Let’s work harder and keep on improving ourselves 🌟🚀
It was an honor for me to attend annual summit last week, the event was lit and inspirational!
Thank You to pak @nickowidjaja , the man behind BRI Ventures to host this amazing event and providing many amazing insights about the market outlook on Indonesia’s startup industry. I got the chance to learn deeper about how Startups and Venture Capital work from him and other startup founders
Looking forward to having a good collaboration with you guys in the future and all the best for BVI's new funds !


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