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image for link to Copilot in Windows 11
Copilot in Windows 11
Your AI Intelligent Assistant!



Got confirmation that @tonyhawk has beaten all of his games, with no cheat codes. Living legend right here. 🛹 🎮
📱🔄 Breaking News: Apple Embraces RCS! 🚀 Say goodbye to basic texts and hello to a new era of messaging. Apple’s latest update is bringing RCS to iPhones, merging the worlds of iOS and Android in ways we’ve never seen before. #rcs #techtips #techtok #ios18 #imessage #bluebubble #greenbubble #apple 

High-quality media, read receipts, and even Wi-Fi messaging are all on the horizon. But here’s the twist - does this innovation mark the end of the iconic green bubble, or is it just the beginning of a more connected texting universe? 🌐💬 @apple @android
🤯 The Ai Pin is a wearable powered by AI models. 🚨 It has a speaker, a camera for taking photos and videos (as well as identifying objects,) and relies on a cellular connection with phone number. Also a “laser ink” display that projects onto your hand. No need to pair it with a phone - is this the start of replacing the smartphone? $699 + $24 per month for cellular connection. 🤔

#humane #humaneaipin #smartphones #ai #wearables #artificialintelligence #aipin #techtips #techreels
Jet-setting just got a power-up with my latest travel companion, Super Mario Bros. Wonder! 🌍✨ From airport lounges to cozy hotel rooms, Elephant Mario’s vibrant adventures in the Flower Kingdom got me hooked. 

Every level is a new discovery, echoing the explorations of Super Mario World but with a fresh, wonder-filled twist. With Mario’s crew in my carry-on, I’m never truly traveling alone. 🎒🍄

Grab Super Mario Bros. Wonder now - big thank you to Nintendo for providing the game for me to review. #supermariowonder #mariowonder #freegame #nintendo #nintendoswitch #gaming
Unboxing Apple’s insane new M3 Max MacBook Pro in Space Black! 💻 You’re getting up to 22 hours of battery life, a 40-core GPU with hardware accelerated ray tracing and mesh shading, and the option for 128GB of unified memory 🤯 Who’s grabbing one? #macbookpro #m3macbookpro #spaceblack #apple #unboxingreels #techreels #techtips #m3chip
💻 We’ve gotta talk about the new M3 Max Macbook Pro - Apple has an interesting dilemma on its hands. My Space Black unboxing & thoughts in my latest video on YouTube! 🎥 

Did you order an M3? 👀
Run it back to Snapdragon Summit! 🏝️☀️📲 Shooting on the @raybanmeta Smart Glasses is super cool. 😎 

I just dropped a video looking at the new @snapdragonofficial G3x Gen 2 Handheld Gaming Reference Design - it’s the perfect way to get your game on while on the go, or on vacation. Head over to YouTube to check it out 🙌🏽 #snapdragong3xgen2 #snapdragonsummit #mobilegaming #pcgaming #techtips #maui #techreels

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