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"Miles & Memories" is celebrating it's 2nd Birthday today (October 2nd) !!! ❤️

It feels like it's been miles and memories indeed. So much has changed in two years, all kinds of memories have been made.

If you want to celebrate with me - give "Miles & Memories" a listen and travel through your memories. Link in bio ✨

And if you want to go an extra mile - share this reel with a friend or two. This way we can all celebrate together ✨

Anna 🌻
How do you make something GOOD out of somethings bad?

How do you make tough/rough times, difficult circumstances into somethings beautiful?

That’s the question I’ve been asking myself for months on end.

Well, for me - I transform and translate sadness, frustration, and heartache into stories to share though the power of my music and songwriting. And music production is one of my top favourit things in life.

So here’s a little something for you ⬆️
(sound on 🔊) to have a moment of peace on your Thursday 🧘🏼 🎶 💖

What would be your answer to that question? Share below ⬇️ ⬇️ ⬇️ and let me know! Let’s have a discussion!

Anna 🌻

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You are free to fly
There’s no limit to how high or how far
You can go
Be brave and feel this endless deep blue sky 
Dreams are calling on your precious soul

📷: Captured this yesterday...from my window Lol
In order to become who we were meant to be (or want to be) we have to do new, scary, and uncomfortable things. ✨💕

I’ve been testing this theory myself for many years, and it’s proven to be true - to get to where we want to be one day, we have to start (the Journey) way before we are ready. 🚀Because we can NEVER BE (fully) ready, you know? And Life won’t take a coffee break to wait till we are.

And no matter how much we might want to press “pause” on life sometimes, to have more time to prepare and become “ready”...there’s just no button for that.

Sometimes taking the leap is the only way to go, stepping into the unknown, not being able to see the land behind the neverending Ocean - the Ocean of OPTIONS and FEARS, an unfamiliar but fascinating Magical Place full of endless possibilities and opportunities that are about to unfold right before our eyes, if we only let them…. IF WE ONLY LET THIS NEW JOURNEY TO BEGIN.

We need to start from where we are, with what we already have, and go from there.

The only way is up. 

Hope you’re having a good start to your week…that was just my Monday wisdom 😂

So, as I’m taking the leap, I’m wondering - you’re with me?? 

Comment now and let me know 👇🏼👇🏼👇🏼
I'm one day late with this post 🙈😁🤭 but...Oh my goodness! A month ago…on the 30th of June 2020 “Dancing In The Living Room” - a global music collaboration has been released to the world! Can you believe it? 😍

Sometimes magic happens when you least expect it. It can even happen right in the middle of the “storm”.

I would’ve never thought I’d have such an amazing being a part of a GLOBAL MUSIC COLLABORATION led by my dear friend - multi talented musician, singer, songwriter, producer, teacher and mentor @DerikNelson who united people from all around the world through the power of the universal language - music, being in lockdown! 

But this project is out in the world! And to me it’s the evidence of MAGIC in our lives!

And it will forever remind me of how we are all CONNECTED! 🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻

This project (to me) truly is a beam of light, a spark of hope, and a symbol of universal love! It reminds me that everything is possible, we just gotta keep on dreaming and believing!

A little backstory! My friend @DerikNelson started an online songwriting group called #TheWritingTank, and wrote this song "Dancing In the Living Room" in a few live online sessions with over 80+ participants from around the world. With musical contributions from professional musicians from the music industry, vocals performed by members of the Writing Tank, and an open invitation to people all across the globe to send in video clips of them dancing in their living rooms, the culmination is a feel-good video highlighting the "silver lining" of quarantine: CONNECTION!!!

Described as a "lightning bolt of positivity," this song and video is a timely reminder of the unity, strength, and power of music and dance as a universal language. I’m really proud to have played a part in its creation (Derik and I are having a little duet moment on the second verse), and hope you’ll watch for me in the video — here’s the link: (it’s also in my bio!!! )


I hope everybody’s doing okay!

Sending love and light to each and every one of you!


Hello July! Please be kind! 💖 July came in what feels like a blink of an eye. And it’s already running with the speed of a cheetah.

I know we’re usually focused on ACHIEVING our goals, but lets switch things up a bit - lets remind ourselves this month to ENJOY THE JOURNEY, because the journey itself is ✨SPECIAL✨ not only the destination! To be completely honest, I’m still in the process of learning to appreciate the beauty of a journey, that’s why I have this quote hanging above my desk as a constant reminder.

I understand, the last 4 month have been crazy and difficult in many ways, they were not something to enjoy. This year is not what we’ve imagined it to all. And everything that’s going on in the world right breaking my heart! But you know, WE WOULD NEVER SEE THE STARS WITHOUT DARKNESS! 🌃

What if we make an effort to notice something good that's happened this year? Big or small, everything counts! What if there IS something, but we rush through our days too busy to even notice??

I know it’s tough for us right now to see how this year can be good! But even if we’re learning the hard way, and even if it takes us awhile...I want to believe we’ll transform to become new, better and stronger humans! 

Meanwhile, let’s not be so hard on ourselves!! But lets dream bigger, love with our whole hearts, build strong and meaningful relationships, create without limitations, and make a change in ourselves & in the world! The world needs this change! The world needs all of us! And we all need each other! Let’s ignore the voices in our head that are trying to stop us! 

What if this slight change in our behavior and our thinking is the only little thing that’s keeping us from the life that we’ve dreamed about?

I want to believe that the Universe sees that we are trying our best, and it’ll take care of us, it’ll show us its love, it’ll help us get to where we want to be and reach our goals to become genuinely happy! 🌌💖💪🏻😊

What do YOU think? I’d love to know!! Can you relate to this at all? Please let me know in the comments, or send me a DM. 

Sending love & light to all!
IT’S HERE! 😍💃🏼❤️ I’m so excited to share an awesome project I’m proud to be a part of: my buddy @deriknelson created an online songwriting group called #TheWritingTank where over 80+ participants from around the world came together to write this song “Dancing In the Living Room” in just a few online sessions!
The music video is out TODAY🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻 and features pro musicians from the music industry, singers from The Writing Tank, and TONS of clips of people across the globe dancing in their living rooms! Join me in experiencing a much needed “lightning bolt of positivity” in this new video that showcases inclusion, unity, connection, and the power of music. 🎶✨🎶✨🎶✨
The song is also out today on all streaming platforms. Derik is donating 100% of the streaming revenue to two amazing organizations: @MusiCares supporting musicians affected by COVID-19, and @CrossroadsAntiracism. •
To watch the video, hear the song, and learn more, please visit
Sending you love and light!