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New Year, New Money πŸ’°
Just had a nearly fatal car accident today. I was going to class and the light was green. Apparently somebody cut into the right lane to run the red light and hit me. This knocked me unconscious and the next thing I knew was I was in a ditch and errthing hurt. My legs hurt the most and i think I was out for a while. He was screaming like he just killed a man and when I came to I undid my seatbelt, opened the door and rolled out of the car. The seatbelt most likely saved my life, as I would've went flying if I didn't have it. Quite a few people came up to me to help and I just asked that they'd let me call my mom. I got a hold of her and told her what happened and by time she came with my family I was on a stretcher. My back hurt, my legs, my neck, and even my arms. I have cuts and bruises all over my body from it and my cars completely totaled. I just wanted to let errbody know that I'm alive and thank you for the wishes. They said I shouldn't be alive with that crash. Luckily I am alive. The whole experience was very surreal and I wasn't too sure what was going to happen with me. All my friends and family flashed before my eyes. Sorry for scaring errbody. This is just a sign to me that i'm doing something right and it's nowhere near the time for me to leave this planet. I still have much more to do and see. Expect a lot more gold to come out of me from now on. Never know when they might try to take me out of this world again. A King4ever πŸ‘‘
β€œTo be the best, you have to work overtime” @floydmayweather 

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TKO August  7th 2022
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πŸ₯‹ Got my blackbelt in boxing πŸ₯‹
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