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Anxious Power is a lonely girl who never found happiness.


Please welcome Bob (brown tabby with white feet), he is the sibling to Debbie (tuxedo) who we had trapped first. We rescued them from the streets where they would find shelter in a drainpipe. They were extremely scared and would only come up to find food. We were finally able to trap both of them. It's a long journey to finding their purrfect forever family, and we are happy to help them along the way to their happy ending. A few more clinic appointments and more socializing to humans. I have already mastered getting them to purr šŸ’ƒšŸ˜ø. These big babies were born on the streets, so they had never been petted by a human before.
DM me if you have any questions about them.
These beautiful people adopted Bunny today! We love you Bunny and we are so happy that you found your forever home.

Backstory: We rescued Bunny from a rough street life. When we found her, she was skinny, didn't have many whiskers, and her fur was thin. After nearly 3 months of giving her all the food and love she needed, she gained weight, grew more whiskers, and her fur became fluffier. Check out her glowup before (last two photos) and after photos (photos 2, 3 and 4).

šŸ“ø Adoption photo - Taken by Melinda, fellow cat rescue lady.
šŸ“ø other photos taken by @damianwebb_
We've been busy taking care of a full house of kitties. I'm catching up on posting. We trapped this little lady a little over a week ago. She is from colony 1.5. She was very elusive for some time and would hide deep in a drainpipe for shelter. She is having her spay day today. 

She is getting microchipped, receiving first round of fvrcp, and 1 year rabies vaccine.
She's been given flea treatment and dewormer as well.

She is socializing to humans very well. She is a shy girl and needs a patient adopter who is willing to earn her trust.

She is ready for pre-adoption. Please dm with questions.
Here's the kitten crew experiencing pumpkins for the first time. We love them so much ā¤ļø so glad all you little kitties walked into our lives.  Your forever homes are out there somewhere, and we are glad to help you find them. šŸ„°šŸˆ
This is beautiful rescue kitten Tommy, I scooped him up from the streets while we were working. 

He is scheduled for his neuter day, October 10th. He will be microchipped that day as well.

He is a lovely little guy, with the biggest sweetest eyes. He is not quite ready for adoption yet, but if you have any questions about him, please dm me.
Everyone please spread the word about Bunny! The cat we rescued from a tough life; Eating out of trash cans to survive, and dodging cars.

Bunny is a sweet and wonderful kitty.
She's a tiny lady with a big appetite. She loves wet food (Friskies Pate) and dry food. She is very easygoing; She loves to lounge around and to play with her wand string toy and her cat dancer toy (a curved wire with rolled up bits of cardboard on the ends). She has the tiniest meow, and she loves to make biscuits. She has the most adorable purr!Ā  She is litter trained perfectly. She likes corn cob litter.

Bunny would like a home without dogs or small children. Bunny is accepting of other cats, with a slow introduction.

We would love for Bunny to have a safe, indoor-only home; So she never has to struggle or be scared and lonely on the mean streets again.

Bunny is estimated to be 4 years old.
Bunny has been spayed, flea treated, given dewormer, received her 1 year fvrcp vaccine, and her 1 year rabies vaccine.

She is ready for her forever home, please dm me if interested.
Gary is still being socialized to humans. We work with him every day on building his confidence and socialization. We rescued him from the mean streets along with his two other siblings, Eeyore and Mango.

All kittens are available for pre-adoption. All kittens will be spayed/neutered, dewormed, flea treated, microchipped, receive their first round of fvrcp vaccine (will need boosters done), and 1 year rabies vaccine.

Please dm me if you are interested in giving any of these kittens the VIP indoor life. I don't want these babies to ever end up on the streets again.

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