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Free Palestine.
things i’m focusing on
Face algo update. Still alive, unlike this platform. Handwriting on point tho. #nightshootsareharam #2ndAC
Life’s full of change and pain but learning to take care of myself better. Here’s this discarded materialistic expression 🙃
Proof of life. Social media is a cancer but i still love y’all.
More from S5 @bettercallsaulamc 
Aftermath of the big Los Pollos boom.
Testing a timelapse slider for some macro work, #AlexaMini and an Arri 100mm Macro (the inimitable @smadadp turned this on its head in the coolest way, more videos on this later)
Marshall (@smadadp), Paul, and Jake tweak the light for the Twins walk up to the cartel count house.
More misc @bettercallsaulamc phone snaps.
Rob (@salviotti) schleps the @arri #LF with the #Canon 50-1000mm through 105° heat (Turns out it covers LF 16:9 on the longer side with the 1.5x extender in.)
Rob and Dorian (@blanco.dorian) deal with my #blackmagic ground scraper build, adding the 5th(?) camera to the shoot out.
#ronin2 with a #mini and the Panavision Compact Perisocope and 35mm Panaspeed prime to get out onto the greens on a crane. 
Paul Donachie places the #bmpcc4k in Jimmy’s and the bail money’s path. As always, thanks to @smadadp for always pulling out crazy cool ideas and trusting us to help him!