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Assorted Tapes


I just really like the tom fill on NMW ok
im really happy to show y’all some of the posters (and stickers!!) i’ve been working on recently! Posters don’t officially start selling until next week but i’m runnning a preorder sale! 20% all posters from now until the 20th (which just so happens to be my birthday hehe). Thanks for supporting me and I hope y’all like the designs :))
Got a couple dope R&B tracks for y'all today. Hope u enjoy!!
Amy Winehouse was a once in a lifetime talent and I'm so glad that she shared that talent with all of us
last year @fkatwigs dropped her mixtape "CAPRISONGS". It's a project I revisit a lot and one that I wasn't expecting to love as much as I do. If you haven't listened to it, be sure to give it a shot!!
So, i did another record haul! I’m super grateful that @ziarecords let me come in and pick up a couple records and films.  It was a ton of fun and i hope  to do more of these in the future! #sponsored
The Sadistics were such an interesting band and it's cool to see how some of the most influential Japanese musicians got their start!