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Atmospheric Music

 Llandudno, United Kingdom

Just a music producer from Wales (Spotify Coming Soon!)


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New logo amongst the clouds 🎈☁️

#visualart #clouds #cloudscape
Sphere is back with a new look and style! If you are unaware, Sphere was a promotion channel I started and have taken a year to redesign my style.

Linked in my bio soon 🎉
Thanks for supporting me against this. It is genuinely making me feel ick.
This shit is getting tiring. These people are going to ruin my life with these fake lies. I swear these lads have no fucking life to make like a hundred of these.

I'm asexual, I hate this shit. And it gives no fucking right to leak my number. 

#scams #scammers #fraud #help 

I legit have never sent anything to anyone.
One of the reasons I never use Instagram now.

#scams #scammers #lies
Started working on a game. Some of the arts will have to be removed such as the greenhouse asset as it is not to be used commercially but I am just trying to get a feel for the game before adding all my own assets.
This was some sad stuff to see today 😔