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You can leave a Reservation, but it will never leave you. 

From the rusting vehicles, to half-standing fences, surrounding houses that succumb to the days and nights. Where kids, and Rez dogs, yearn for affection, even food. If you’re lucky, there is running water with electricity. 

It’s a place where seeds grow in soils of trauma. Grounds now tilled by survivors. Of pasts haunted by the sins, and ghosts, of spirits. 
Then, when you listen close enough. There is a moment when you will hear the wind’s whispers. 

The Voices ask for justice, harmony to be restored. The Missing & Murdered to be found. Rivers to flow renewed, and air purified for the future generations. Forgiveness to be grown, with new memories cherished, for children to flourish with loving mothers, and fathers. The asks need a rebirth through deconstruction of the colonizing system. 

So you can change your entire life, and leave a Prisoner Of War Camp, known as a Reservation. 

But it never leaves you.

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Saw some of the family at the Apache StrongholdThis past weekend. . 
Put out a prayer for Oak Flat.
Gold plated tanks, helicopters, and extraterrestrial spaceships. 

Here’s a little something I’ll be dedicating to the land of the free. 

Made in America, coming soon.
Underwater feel for the one year 
These days, everyone has different meanings for what it means to be a warrior. To me, this is one of those definitions. When you carry prayers for relatives from every tribe, when you run for those who can’t. To help foster unity in order to defend the next generations. That’s one of the warriors in today’s generation.

Big shout out & love to the brother @so_c_photography for helping with media captures of the prayer for Indigenous People’s, Mother Earth, and #MMIW in November. 

The morning started with a run, and then we continued the journey, to the state capitol in so-called Phoenix, on the land of the SRPMIC & Oodham territories. 

It was an honor to be there with everyone ✊
Some lyrics from the newest holiday single COAS.
Hear it now, LINK IN BIO. 

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Holiday cheers in a new year. 

Carol Of A Savage now streaming on, & off, your local corporation’s station 🎶