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Lyric video for dreamed now up on my YouTube channel
I’ve done all that I can
when we were young
I recently updated my profile link to include some fun things including a link to sign up for some emails from me. I'll be using that to send out occasional thoughts, blurbs, and info on new releases. This Friday, I'll be emailing out the acoustic demo for "seek rest" that I eventually sent to @jonnyhenninger and he turned into a vibey masterpiece, to whoever is on that list. The demo is very different from how the song ended up so it's cool hearing how jonny switched it up. So check that out and throw your email in if you'd like to get this recording plus more things from me in the future.
so take time for me
This is me constantly checking to see if Spotify added me to their Radar US playlist by mistake. Am I trippin or does it say artists to watch out for in 2023. Gonna take me a few days to process this #spotify #spotifyradar
Made a playlist of some cool asheville peeps who deserve more listens. You can find it on my Spotify artist page
#asheville #music #singersongwriter #folkmusic #livemusic #guitar #artists

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