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july entry ✧*• 

bruised knees, mirror selfies
nights we spent gaining calories
deserted theme parks, wobbly rental cars
I remember it all so vividly
so grateful for july and summer skies
so glad to have met you unexpectedly
I hope one day we can come back
I hope we’ll keep making memories

‘people we meet on vacation’
一 emily henry 

key thoughts
一 slowburn; friends to lovers done the right way; calm and hyperactive dynamic; ‘am I too weird for you?’ ‘no I’m too boring for you!’

fav quotes
“She told me that sometimes, when you lose your happiness, it’s best to look for it the same way you’d look for anything else…by retracing your steps.”

“Maybe if my parents hadn’t been so completely encouraging of every facet of my brothers’ and my individualism, I would’ve had better luck.”

“We are two fundamentally incompatible people with absolutely no need to impress each other.”

“You asked me who I was, and一it was like the answer came out of nowhere. Sometimes it feels like I didn’t even exist before that. Like you invented me.”

“Like I’d never been that girl who’d felt entirely alone, misunderstood, and I’d always been this one: known, loved, wholly accepted by Alex Nilsen.”

#peoplewemeetonvacation #emilyhenry #bookreview
two beaches…side by side
‘normal people’ 
一 by sally rooney

key thoughts
一 realistic; normal in an abnormal way; fated to be or doomed to be? what even is this? why is everything so complicated??!

fav quotes
“But for her pain of loneliness will be nothing to the pain that she used to feel, of being unworthy.” 

“If anything, his personality seemed like something external to himself, managed by the opinion of others, rather than anything he individually did or produced.”

“Still he has something she lacks, an inner life that does not include the other person.”

“Connell wished he knew how other people conducted their private lives, so that he could copy from example.”

“I think we’re at that weird age where life can change a lot from small decisions.”

#sallyrooney #bookreview #normalpeople
I remember when I used to have trouble spelling bycicle
I’m sorry I roasted u, I was trying to flirt

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