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Patrick Bennett

 Iowa, USA

Appalachian relocated to the Midwest. Speaks Persian. Loves Hockey. Is a Pirate.


Walking the roads at night may be cold, dusty, and mildly dangerous thanks to everyone driving drunk, but as monopoly holder of the light, the team listens better than usual. 😈
Poor puppy.
We thought the Universe's Cat Distribution System had thrown us another mouser. It was not. Cat food was awarded. Much cute.
A new artist has appreared! I have no experience with her work, but goalie-centered artists are instantly better people and deserve a shot.

(Note: Helmethead Design is ELITE and my #1 recommendation forever. He’s one dude though and there’s a looot of folks out there in white buckets)
I don’t know who gave this kid a license, but he is a nuisance on the road.
Neighbor Cat is the most reliable person I know. No matter the situation, this dude has my back; he’s escorted me through coyote hunts, thunderstorms, blizzards, and fireworks. He’s just the best.