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Patrick Bennett

 Iowa, USA
Appalachian relocated to the Midwest. Speaks Persian. Loves Hockey. Is a Pirate.


I am the greatest golfer alive! Culby stopped recording before the celly. I'm pleased to report we at least didn't finish last.
Missed these guys ♥️
This kid was trying to become a speed bump. I figured he’d look better hanging out in Iowa with some fish friends. 

Please ignore the clothes. Everyone was wearing them and I wanted to fit in.
I think I know how Aquaman feels when the JLA calls him to do some land-based BS. The lap pool was surprise-closed, so I had to figure out a way to work out in trunks and crocs.
Being a human furnace has its perks.
It can't be explained by science or religion, but the fact remains: opossums are ADORABLE! ♥️
The kick in the pants I did not need today 😭