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Hey! My name's Venus but you can also call me boba/bobahoar! I love playing games, making content and connecting with others through Twitch and Tiktok! take a minute to check out my links! ♡



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Amazon wishlist (more expensive)


gonna try to post more often on insta and tiktok, might even start streaming again on twitch. been sick for the past week and have been in a depression funk but when i pull myself out of it im gonna treat myself and get a new piercing or something stay tuned 🤙🏼
Usually dont post my adventures on here but i felt like its been a while since i updated the gram. #louderthanlife 2022 was a blast, a whole month ago but better post late than never lol. I got to see so many of my fav bands (only got a few good vids🥲) found some new favorites *cough cough* @sillygooseatl got to meet some of the members too! ugly cried during Mothica then got to meet her, had a nasty acrylic nail break (blood and all), but all in all had an amazing week and can’t wait for more concerts and festivals to come! 🤘🏼🖤
<3 <3 <3
💚🖤 college is dumb
hi i’m kai and i’m addicted to making deez nuts jokes. 

anyways does anyone know the name of barbie’s bf?
snap saw it first, but wassup peepole :)🪲
hihi 🥰