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 Santiago, Chile

Artist, Director and Purple lover. Represented by H+ Creative 💜✨😊


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DEAD END - And a pixelated version of an earlier sketch 🤓 The compositor is so fun to use now. I really love iterating with light groups in real time in the viweport, most of the time I spend when making pieces is just playing with lighting 😂

Well I hope you like this one💜 Animated one may come soon ✨
Some of my favorites 💜✨

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NOSTALGIA TRIP - Originally intended as a wide artwork like the other ones in the post so make sure you check those out 💜✨

I’ve been testing these landscape pieces and it’s so sad that there’s not really a nice platform to showcase them in their full beauty 😔

If you want to check them out in better quality check my threads 💜✨
Just testing some enlarged versions of some posts, they look interesting but nothing defeats the original composition lol
SIGHTSEEING - I love how this one turned out 💜✨What do you think? 🗣️❓‼️
THOUGHTS - Anxieties breed, judgements swarm, regrets sting like angry bees. A cacophony of chatter drown out reason, clouds vision, obscures the path ahead.
ESPEJITO - Testing some photoscans I made when traveling to Australia 💜✨ And using those to explore some photorealistic lighting as well as a new water shader, looks pretty cool!!

What version do you like the best? Let me know in more than one comment and also tell me about your day 😂