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thank you @jontaylorphoto for you 🖤
hi 🖤 feeling so appreciative of so many souls that I’ve had the gift of learning from this year

thank you @jontaylorphoto for your magic 💫

thank you for helping me find my fire @oliviacipolla 🖤

thank you for such a powerful, fun, summer in broadway bares @ambertiara 👠

all of the new friends and community that has emerged- you are bringing so much light into my life and I am so thankful for you ☁️

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some favorite things lately!!
puppy love, sunlight, candles, schnacks, the legend of zelda, popcornnn!

📷 @jontaylorphoto
You were made for this…

You deserve to explore your passions and feel powerful, safe, and supported✨

Start now in our next 🦋 Empowered Expression Workshop 🦋 with Sass Instructor @brynlie_ 

Saturday 8/19
from 3:00-5:00pm 
at SassClass

Dancing to 🎶 “What Was I Made For?” by Billie Eilish

🎥 Each dancer will have the opportunity to film the choreography as a solo

This workshop caters to ALL LEVELS. Some dance experience is helpful, but beginners can participate for a healthy but doable challenge!

Only 3 spots left ‼️ Link in bio to sign up
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leaning into moments of stillness, vulnerability, and transparency ❤️ 

exploring more of this beautiful song with our contemporary video workshop on Saturday, 8/19 from 3-5pm @sassclassnyc ☁️ this a peek at some of the beginning’s choreo, with most of this video being improv. I can’t wait to find more moments of love and flow as a community 🫶

early bird rate ends tomorrow, Wednesday, 8/9 ✨

💃🏼 @brynlie_ 
🎶 @billieeilish 
🎥 @itsyoungnotesimages 
🏠 @sassclassnyc

💋 Sassy Jazz Workshop💋
with Sass Instructor @brynlie_ 

TOMORROW Saturday 8/5
from 7:30-9:30 pm
at SassClass

Dancing to 🎶 “Hot In It” by Tiësto, Charli XCX

In this workshop, you will:
• Increase your strength and flexibility with a 30-minute warmup 
• Refine your technique across the floor with movements such as leaps, grand battements, and pirouettes
• Learn sassy jazz choreo!

Practice a new style in a safe and supportive environment with infectious energy from Sass Instructor Brynlie 💕

Only 3 spots left ‼️ Link in bio to sign up
#sassclass #sassclassnyc #nycdance #nycdancers #nycdancestudio #nycdanceclass #performanceworkshop #beginnerdanceclass #beginnerdanceclassnyc #jazzdance #sassyjazz
taking a break was the key today 🩷 it let my mind reset away from the 12 times I was trying, but not yet going for it all the way. this time, I affirmed my mind that I have the strength, control, and prep to do this safely, so I don’t have to be afraid. It freed me to let this happen 🤗

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