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bsmnt bdrm.

Β boston, ma

it's basement bedroom.


"temporary comforts" (full album) bsmnt bdrm.


image for link to presave "repeat" out Fri Jan 26th!
presave "repeat" out Fri Jan 26th!

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"Keep Me in The Dark" bsmnt bdrm. x Street Kult live at 11th Street Records πŸ’•πŸ”₯
Filmed by: @1994brennan @mr.shayna @jplowski 
Live Engineer: @olivesteeth 
Mix & Mastered by: @de__gray 
love these people so much <333
πŸ’• happy valentine's day πŸ’• 
this is my valentine after how long we've been working on this but very very excited to share this! 
been missin those warmer days
oh and album coming very soon 🌻
thank you so much to all the people that helped create this πŸ’˜
filmed by @jplowski and @de__gray
edited by @allybelair
thanks for all the love on "soonly somber" πŸ’•
and massive thank you to everyone that came out for the smell ya later show at Sam Adams last Friday!
huge shout out to @spacewalkjones for making a million different versions of this artwork and throwing so much love at this!
fr none of this shit would work without any of these people. i'm so blessed to have such a fantastic creative community. 
i promise there is so much more bsmnt bdrm. content coming so soon! 
in the meantime, run that shit up!
as always, thank you for listening, it means the world πŸŒ»πŸ’•
β€œsoonly somber” is out now on all music platforms πŸ–€ @bsmntbdrm and i have been working on this one since 2020/2021 and i’m so excited that it’s finally out in the world. hope you enjoy πŸ’• #emo #alternative #poppunk #originalmusic
performing in LA tonight & dropping a new song 🀘🏼 #emo #originalmusic #tour
celebrating the release of "soonly somber" w/@jacktheunderdog !!
returning to @samadamsbostontaproom to play EVERY DAMN SONG (plus some new ones!)πŸŒ»πŸ’•
don't miss this!! (((it may be my last east coast show for a min!))) 
presave the new song at the link in bio! I love you all thank u for listening πŸ’•
finally got a new track coming out with jack the underdog! 
but we can't decide which cover we like best?? let us know black or blue in the comments!
"soonly somber" with @jacktheunderdog out October 20th πŸ’•
we'll let ya know which one we picked this Friday πŸ₯°
love yall