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BS with Bobby and Sarah

Stories and trivia you didn't even know you wanted to know about.


This could not be a better representation of us in our game portion of the show. 
Go on, guess which one is Bobby and which one is Sarah…
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Y'all the early 2000's were a wild time for decorating. In ep46 of the show we discuss the worst rooms to ever appear on #tradingspaces. We also then discuss outer space too. Link in bio!
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What is Tsijzegy? Why is Bobby obsessed with it? Why does Sarah spell it this way? Gotta hear ep46 of the #podcast to find out!! 
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46 out now is stellar! we get a little spacey. Sarah discusses heavenly bodies, the sun exploding and visiting aliens. Then Sarah gets her chakras messed up by solar flares! 
In the game segment we talk about different kinds of spaces including Taylor Swift, Eurovision, and an early 2000's TV show with REALLY bad decorating.


1:51 - Will the sun explode?
2:45 - Sarah chakra scam & solar flares
6:43 - Alien: friends or foe?
9:39 - Bobby can't even with the vastness of space
11:46 - Post-Asteroid impact apocalyptic life.
13:20 -  8 summer solstice architectural marvels

18:16- Game Begins!

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Blaze it.
Anyone else still watching Survivor? 👋🏼 Well i caught Jeff Probst talking about our #podcast last episode. -b
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Today, BS stands for Birthday Sarah!



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B.S. with Bobby and Sarah | Podcast on Spotify
Bobby and Sarah discuss the BS of the world around them. In the second half of the show, they take on each other in games of trickery and deceit.