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What’s your favorite brass charm to add to your @travelers_company ?
My boyfriend calls this bookshelf “the area where I reorganize expensive items I never use but constantly say ‘isn’t this one so cute??’”
I’m like 90% sure I have an addiction to setting up planners and then getting distracted by a new one and starting the process over. 🫠
Putting together travelers notebooks always remind me of putting together a sandwich 🙃.
Going to look at this picture every time I think I just need *one* more @travelers_company item.
I might be last to the party, but I’m happy to say I finally have my top 3 @travelers_company // •Olive TN •TSL 15th Anniversary blue • TSL 15th Anniversary camel ✨
Spooky all year long. @kaylie_reads @aloscreativecorner @muzelab