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Hey there, I am Stephen and I am a Christian musician looking to develop myself and posting my progress on YouTube! I focus on providing content around music and self-development in an authentic, insightful, and innovative way.



A Rapid Review of my Christmas Presents - This video is a quick overview of my Christmas presents. I got a variety of items, from clothing to bags, something for every male 20-something this year. Watch as I give you my honest opinion of each item!
them: how is november going so far?

p.s. donation link in bio
5 November = 1x$10 (1km run)

To raise awareness for men's health - I'm doing physical challenges this Movember. I received the first donation of $10 so I walked 1 km. Follow for the rest of November (:

shot on iphone. 
edited on capcut
"Thanks ig for turning this story into a reel" -said no one ever
Questions that keep me up at night pt.2
If I enjoy my puns enough to spend 1.5 hrs making a reel, and the people that watch enjoy it too - will I get shared on stories? ๐Ÿ‘‰๐Ÿ‘ˆ
questions that keep me up at night
how australians say yasssss
not me skipping the hawaii posts to send an LA teaser


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