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Gaming! Nintendo Switch all yhe way ✌️


I'm very slowly getting back into gaming and I have huge pile on my backlog. I have not been buying games, but since I have not been playing the ones I already own.... Well you guys know the drill. 

Anyway, I thought it would be good idea to start with The Last Door and that was a mistake.

Let me setting the scene: it's past midnight, the game is point & click horror based in the 1800's and I have just found a record that plays totally broken carnival music. I exit the room and ta-daa, the music stops. And because I'm curious I went back and holy hell no no no 😱.

It's probably fantastic game, but It's just too scary & creepy for me.

So I tried and I will sell this away. 

I might have to sleep light on this night. 

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We are planning new @palikkapelaajat episode about cozy games with @masajarvinen09 since summer time is quite sleepy & chill season. 

Because of that I have been doing plenty of research and Cozy Grove sparked my interest, so I got it and it seems like this game as well has had major glow up since the release as it has outgrown the little bit negative aspects I read about. 

It's cute, quirky, interesting and it seems like they might have removed daily task limits as I played until exhaustion. 

I love to gather and find items, so for me this is a win. Of course, this can get repetitive and it's best to enjoy in small bits. 

Yay! So glad as my latest purchases have not been the most enjoyable ones. 

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There is some Sahara sand in the atmosphere and it looks like end of the world in Spain, Fallout New Vegas type of situation. Also, the scaffolding is just 👌 I didn't retouch this photo at all.
Hope you guys are having blue sky & sunshine!
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Toast to life! And gaming! And everything else aswell. 
I got new second hand Nintendo DS Lite as my original died last summer. This one came with the original box and manuals and it really made my day 🥰
I hope you are doing great! What are you guys playing now? 
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It's Friday! Despite the cold weather I went and picked up the new Atelier Sophie and some hot chocolate as well to warm me up. 
I have now played some 1.5 hours and the game is the best looking so far in the series. And all the story cliffhangers OMG!
But is it better than Ryza 2, my current favorite? I don't know yet, but this game goes back to it's roots with turn based combat and I actually liked to much the Ryza 2 hybrid combat that I felt little bit disappointed that Sophie 2 is not featuring it aswell. 
Are you planning to play this? 
I have been little bit lost what comes taking photos for IG, but looking to find my "voice" again and using the prop items that I got months ago.
I have been playing Atelier Lydie & Suelle as the new Atelier Sophie 2 is dropping on Friday! I doubt that I will finish this before that, but it really doesn't not matter 😊 
What is your next purchase that you are counting days to? 
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One of the best things that happened last year? Definitely the start of @palikkapelaajat podcast with @drunkvist & @masajarvinen09 ! 

The whole thing started as a dumb joke and the fact that we didn't have a name, no idea how to record and the editing started with a crash course to it. 

But some weird way we three just clicked from the start! 

From shitty audio & other technical problems to solid podcast that has wild & funny people hanging out in discord and in a live stream is just 6/5. 

So thanks dudes & kippis, this is truly a pleasure! 

(Sorry all international peeps, this podcast is in Finnish & that's our superpower) 
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