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Christian Benedict Roaquin


Level 31: New Perspectives

After hitting the big 3-0 last year, I don't if it's the overthinking or just how life really goes, but God has shown me a new way of looking at things, at people, and at life as a journey of becoming. I am grateful to have been given the courage to move on from closed doors, from missed opportunities, and from a past that I don't need to dwell in. More importantly, I believe, is that I have become more hopeful in God's providence, to worry less about what I cannot control, and instead focus my energies on multiplying what I have. I have realised what it means that I only have one life to live; and while it is nice to have fun once in a while, I found that it is more fulfilling to put the life in my years: to build meaningful relationships, to rekindle the foundations of my beliefs, and to focus on making the world a better place to live in, in whatever small way I can. I also found that it is so refreshing to slow down once ina while, smell the proverbial flowers, and recharge your soul. After all, when you have given everything you've got, it's only yourself that you can count on to fill up.

Verso l'alto! To the heights!
#realizations #adulting #newperspectives

Been really really busy these past several weeks due to back-to-back work travels, site visits, and tight deadlines. In between what makes me productive, it's also important to prioritise what's essential for me. Grateful to G for these people who have been behind me all my life, for making me feel loved even when I'm (quite) far away, and for being my home. I realised that family time becomes more important as you get older, and I am equally grateful that I can squeeze times like these whenever I wish. To many more years and beyond! #birthday2023 #calendarboi #familytime
Teary-eyed as I received the priest's blessing for my birthday (which was 10 days back), for the first time in several years even pre-pandemic. Thank you G for always reminding me of Your presence wherever I may be. Thank you for the gift of 30 years of your unwavering faithfulness in my life. As I journey through 30 (or so) more years of my life, may You continue to use me as an instrument of your blessing for others. To the best life ever! #Crisby@30 #grateful #bestlifeever #borabirthdaybash #chrisPHadventures
Throwback to the time I saw a literal flower clock. Needless to say, I had a really fresh and colourful time there. #CrisBaneAdventures #throwback

Happy to have finally lifted my lazy bum and slowly return to fitness. These past several months have taken a toll on me emotionally and physically, and I haven't been really doing well. Recently, inspired by the post of one of my colleagues back in college, supported by my "coaches" John and @jonkun.saldua, I took a leap and tried to join a virtual run so I can force myself to move more, perspire a little more, and breathe fresh air outdoors (albeit wearing a mask). Whilst battling tendonitis, muscle soreness, and many days where I have absolutely zero motivation, through the grace of God, I finished the race in 12 days. Starting with just walk, but as I gained strength, I slowly jogging, and then tried running when I can. My favourite piece in this set is the Christ the Redeemer medal - a reminder for me that in any season, He is my Way Maker, Miracle Worker, the Light in the darkness. I have walked through what I consider a "dark" chapter in my life - feeling lost, unmotivated, frustrated, and tired - but this little win has made me realise that I still have fight in me, I still have the strength to win life battles, and that God is there for me even when I feel very distant from him. As I gain more strength and motivation to improve my fitness, I'm ready to conquer more battles. 2021, bring it. I'm ready for you. #littlewins #virtualrun #dagdagkamandag2021
The deeper you go, the more chaotic and unreal it becomes. So what then, is the self made of? #blackandwhite #lineart #geometric #philosophy #artoftheday