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Centurion Real Estate Management, LLC

 1365 Commercial St SE, Salem, OR, 97302

Welcome to Centurion Real Estate Management, LLC, your trusted partner in elevating your rental property experience. As property management specialists, we understand the challenges that property owners face and the value they seek from their investments. With us, you can leave the worries behind and enjoy a hassle-free property ownership journey. At Centurion, we prioritize delivering the best service and value for your investment. Our dedicated team of professionals handles everything from marketing your property and finding high-quality tenants to ensuring timely rent collection and efficient maintenance. With our extensive network and rigorous tenant screening process, we secure reliable occupants who treat your property with respect. We believe that open and transparent communication is key to successful property management in Salem, Oregon. Our goal is to exceed your expectations, helping you achieve optimal returns while freeing up your time and reducing the stress associated with property ownership. Call us today to learn more about us!



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Centurion Real Estate Management, LLC