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As you may know or not know, I have spent the last year or so working on some fantastic music with Big D (@dage_). I am very proud of these arrangements and Daniela’s incredible vocal ability. I feel like we pushed ourselves in all the right ways and learned so much throughout the entire process. 

With that being said, our first single “Femme Fatale” will come out on August 9th!

We really need to please our algorithmic overlords so help us out and Pre-Save the tune through the link in my bio <4

Also you can see a very secret and exclusive sneak peak of the cover art created by my dear pal @phibstuff in the last slide. Check out his work and his painting at @dainty.wya
Trendsetter is out! 

I really love this tune, these guys and their excellent playing. I am blessed to have produced, mixed & mastered their record. Y’all are not ready for these other songs on the way. 

The Trendsetter mix was very fun. Messing around with @nnakaleesax’s sax effects brought me a lot of smiles. I’m so thankful that he lets me do weird shit to his horn recordings lol. @zhyphyr and @jackson.trout are fully hanging out on the deepest corner of someone’s pocket. That opening moment is a great testament to their telepathic abilities. @dominickgregoretti and Nathan are incredibly precise with their note choices, locking in with the rhythm section and creating some serious moments. That solo pass is truly on some jordan / pippen shit. 

Special shout-out to the amazing @todd_carder and @bunkerstudio for these awesome tones.

Go stream Trendsetter right now! Add it to your playlists, play it in the Uber, and send it to your mom & your local congressional representative. 

More music more life!

📸: @vanessatamarit
1 year
Fall thoughts - 

Album is coming to a close. We’ve been chipping away at this block of marble for a year now and I am very pleased with how things are sounding. @dage_ is a great friend and collaborator, we are very excited to show you this music.🫡

@highsideworkshop is growing exponentially. Community and artistry being built there gives me an incredible feeling that I haven’t had for some time. Whole crew is committed to the experience. Next one 10/28, we have a lineup of killers ready to throw down.

Keeping gratitude at the forefront. It’s important for me to remember that these are the fun times. The pursuit is the purpose and enjoying it should be the priority <4


image for link to Pre-Save Femme Fatale
Pre-Save Femme Fatale