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Did you know I’m also a streamer? 🥰Come have tea and play the sims with me every Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday morning! 💛 Starting at 10AM CT on Tiktok and Twitch 11AM-2PM CT 🔗 in bio

Right now, I’m working on a decades build challenge! Each venue is inspired by a different decade. We’ve already build a 50s diner and a 60s music festival venue. Up next is a 70s discotheque 💃🏼🪩 

On Wednesdays we do gameplay 💅🏻 I’m playing 5 generations but each one will be a different occult. My alien sim just defeated the m0tHeR 🪴 


🌼 Feb. 14th: Bachelor Season 4
🌼 Feb. 16th: 1 Year Streamaversary!

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I’m excited to announce I’m participating in @excedrin Mindful Gaming Tournament Series and hosting a Sims 4 Creative Build Tournament on Nov 7 and YOU are invited! 

🌟The winner will walk away with $200 + a $100 participation giveaway🌟

Registration is NOW OPEN 🎉 I can’t wait to see your builds and feature them on stream!! #GameOverForHeadaches 

Register at (🔗 in bio)
would you like some cake? 🍰

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Disney did us dirty with Dreamlight Valley 😭 so I’m recreating it in the Sims for all of us to enjoy

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NEW SERIES 👑 squeezing every single Disney princess into one lot in the Sims 4

Thank you to @sahm_and_bean for the neighborhood lot template, you saved me a lot of time 😅

The FULL VIDEO is posted to the places where videos go! Check it out now 💕

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baby’s first twitchcon 💕 

I had a BLAST meeting all of the streamers I know and love, and meeting new ones too! 

Regular content will resume shortly, especially now that I am so inspired to create 

If you’re ever in a rut, surround yourself with people who are passionate about what they do—it’s CONTAGIOUS 

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Zodiac builds are BACK!! ✨ which sign should I build next?

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