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Chris Leves

Trying to live the best version of myself.



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Tuesday has no feel.
The proportions are HITTIN’
The KING as come out on top. 💰 👑
We live temporarily through what we take, and we live forever by what we give.
My inner peace is not dependent on external circumstances. In fact, by caring for myself I’m caring for the world. External trauma can’t be healed until we heal the trauma within ourselves 

- telegram why don’t you care for the world

Watch what’s going on. Envision the next step, how it’s going to go down. Empty yourself. Be responsive. Like water, be formless. Be supple. Hold your ground. As she goes, be steady. Let go of all that you don’t need. Be what the situation demands. Breathe. Move. Think. It’s a harsh reality. Choose to survive. 

If you keep your shit together, you’ll make it.