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Christian News Association

Christian News Association is a non-profit organization founded by a team of Christians with a vision to promote Gospel-centered service projects in the community. The organization focuses on building relationships between Christians and local communities and seeks to provide help to those who are less fortunate. It works in partnership with community leaders and local churches to fulfill the unmet needs of those in the surrounding communities. The RNA's mission is to encourage Christian fellowship by recognizing and promoting excellence in journalism and fostering a culture of love. The Christian News Association's mission is to promote and enhance Christian values by educating, training, and empowering Christians in media and society. The organization seeks to promote excellence in the broadcasting and communications industries, thereby advancing the cause of Christianity. It works on behalf of its members to ensure that news about Christian faith and values is accurate and trustworthy. It also provides tools and resources for the evangelist community to improve their skills in communicating with the general public. The organization provides a variety of programs and services that enable individuals and churches to reach out to the community and promote Christian values. Whether it is distributing information or training, the organization is dedicated to ensuring that readers receive timely, accurate, and relevant information.