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Cleah forgetting to smile when trying to work the camera out duh ~~ Thankyou everyone for joining the stream tonight !!! 💖💖💖
First off, SORRY we were away so long !! There was a marriage, a honeymoon, two cases of COVID, a poorly child and so on...! 
WE ARE BACK. And came back last night playing "Is Simon there ?" and wanna thank everyone that joined our return stream, subbed, followed etc !!
We going to dedicate more time to streaming from now on! (Adulting take a step back!). So every Friday we will be live at 9pm ! 
Any game suggestions please comment below 

Yeah we are back !!
Thank you to everyone who joined us last night and we apologise for being AWOL for so long.
Cleah is getting married in 12 days, then leaving me to go Florida with her new husband (blasphemy right?!) So we will once again have a short break. 

BUT we are back and dedicated to le TWITCH. 
Everyone congratulate our our cleah and her soon to be husband on doing their adult things!! 
Love you guys 
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Pretty pumpkin lass willow and sad ass clown cleah~! Here to entertain your ass for our Halloween stream playing Summer of 58 🎃 come join us - we are live now !!!
With the Halloween spirit for our Halloween stream tonight ~ enjoy some cheeky Cleah doodles 🎃👻
Willow has decided to draw herself and cleah as Pokémon trainers. Drawn in the style of our favourite characters from our favourite games with out favourite Pokémon. 
Here is willows - inspired by Jack from Mass Effect with her favourite Pokémon, vulpix 
Cleahs coming soon !!
Today we have our guest streamer, BOZ. Swipe to see our friend turned GOTH. On at 10pm people's !!




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