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Cooperative Housing International (CHI)

Our mission is to unite, represent, and lead the international movement for cooperative, mutual self-help, and community-led housing. CHI promotes cooperative housing as an economic and social solution to the problem of providing shelter.


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Cooperative Housing International Website


Cooperative Housing International (CHI) unites, represents, promotes and leads the international movement for cooperative, mutual self-help, and community-led housing. Visit our website for resources, information on cooperative housing in different countries and latest news!
As we hit the 1,000-follower mark on Instagram, #CHI wants to take a moment to thank each and every one of you for your support. Let’s keep growing and making connections together! #1kfollowers #thankyou
Tomorrow, we are presenting at ABZ's Solidarity Fund Award Conference for our Student Housing Cooperatives: Towards a European Association initiative. With the help of @urbaMonde and @NASCO and  @Studentendorf we aim to create solidarity mechanisms beyond borders, to bring visibility and to advocate for more support from public actors and policymakers. Wish us luck!
Connect with the #cooperativehousing movement around the world and stay informed! Explore Cooperative Housing International's website for up-to-date resources and news affecting cooperatives. #cooperatives #coops #housingcoops
CHI board member Mike Duru at the Southern Africa Confederation of  Cooperatives Conference in Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe. This confederation was formed in the Southern Africa region to champion coop development. #coops #coops4dev #housing #coophousing
Join us at Cooperative Housing International and become part of a global movement to promote mutual self-help housing for people in need. Together, we can provide meaningful and sustainable housing solutions and improve the quality of life for many. #coop
Living in a housing cooperative can be an excellent choice for those who want to participate in their community actively. The cooperative's unique ownership model and democratic governance structure foster a strong sense of community where everyone has an equal voice. Cooperatives embody values such as self-help, self-responsibility, democracy, equality, equity, and solidarity, creating a truly inspiring living environment. Watch this short video and be inspired!