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community built around cozy people!🕯🍂🤎✨ ✉️ business E-mail:✉️ P.O. Box: 235 Westlake Center, Daly City, CA 94015 #413 *I earn a commission from my Amazon links!*


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Scars Above Link



perks of living with your bestie🌲🏡


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#DovePartner It makes me SO happy to see steps towards representation in gaming like this, driven by @dove and Open Source Afro Hair Library!! The fact that they created an actionable & accessible project that makes it easy for game developers to build-in accurate representations of Black natural hair shows they’re walking the walk, and it makes me so happy to see more hair like mine in the future of gaming! #CodeMyCrown Check out to see the complete free guide for coding natural hair and protective styles! Link in bio #naturalhair #gaming
SO many from October!⤵️
🐤 A Tiny Sticker Tale
🐕 Bilken’s Folly
🏝️ Survivor: Castaway Island
🕵🏽‍♀️ Detective Pikachu Returns
🐣 Freaky Trip
⚓️ Saltsea Chronicles
🩺 Animal Hospital
🍏 Garden Buddies
🍄 Mail Time
🔮 Witchy Life Story
🚂 M*rder on the Orient Express
☀️ Spirit of the Island
🐘 Super Mario Wonder
💾 A Perfect Day
🔎 Frog Detective (the entire mystery)
🏠 Barbie Dreamhouse Adventure

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If I can do it, you can do it! 🎮 #ad (but I couldn’t do it without my @ifixit Pro Tech Toolkit and guides!🫶🏽)
best holiday bath finds!🕯️🧺 @worldmarket always has the best selection of holiday goodies! #WorldMarketFinds #ad
still playing it though💅🏽👢 have you tried it??


Fashion Dreamer for Nintendo Switch
#fashiondreamer #fashiongame #stylesavvy #cozygame #cozygaming
🧹cozy hobby room reset with @cowaymega - AD

My purifier is the Airmega 150 in Sage Green! I was drawn to it for how well the cute design + color fit in my room, so I totally get why it won 3 design awards! It also gives me such peace of mind to know Airmega’s HyperCaptive™ Air Filtration  is capturing 99.999% of dust, dust mites, odors, mold, and bacteria in the room.

Check out @cowaymega if you want a cute little cleaning buddy too! #Coway #Airmega #Cowaypartner #Breatheclean



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