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hi there! my name is madeline, i’m a 21 year old content creator in the cozy gaming community. thank you for viewing my links, you can find all of my social media profiles here :)


Ben Q Screenbar 🤎✨

The lovely team over at @benq_lighting sent me their screenbar plus to review. I haven’t had it for very long but I’m already loving it! 🥰 with the winter months bringing gloomy weather, this cozy screenbar is definitely helpful for not only my content but also when I’m working!

Unlike regular desk lamps, the screenbar frees up SO much space as well as doesn’t add any glare on your screen. No more clutter, it adds such a clean and minimalistic vibe to any space. 😍
Below are some of its features and specifications ✨

• Brightness 🤎 
Not only does this have multiple levels of brightness but it also has an auto dimmer that adjusts to find the perfect light for your space. 

•Temperature 🤎 
There are 8 colours on this screenbar (yes 8!) ranging from 2700k to 6500k 🥰 the warm light is perfect for comfort, to replenish your energy & help you relax. The cool light is great for working because it helps you concentrate and boosts efficiency. 

Overall I am LOVING this new addition to my setup, and I will be using it daily. I highly recommend checking out @benq_lighting and picking one up for yourself 🥰💕 again thank you to the lovely team for gifting this to me!
🌱 witchy life story 🌱

a game that I’ve posted about multiple times and will continue to 😭💕 I’m really so excited for this game to be released! Witchy life story, witchbrook, & Palia are the games I’m most looking forward to 🥰 
what games are you excited for??

🍄 check out the lovely accs that i tagged!
🌱 story of seasons a wonderful life 🌱

IT’S LAUNCH DAY!! 🤎 I am SO excited to play this game, and cannot wait for my preorder to get shipped 🥺 definitely living through y’all vicariously. Harvest moon a wonderful life was my childhood game. What I played when I got home from school, and it filled me with so much happiness. I’m so so happy to see it recreated, and for new players to find it! 🥺 have you bought the game, or will you? 

also hello!! long time no chat, how are you all doing? 🤎✨

story of seasons by @marvelouseurope
POV: you’re loving your Flexispot desk 🥰

sharing my desk again bc it’s just so gorgeous! This is the comhar all in one standing desk. My favourite thing about it is that it has a drawer to hold all of my journaling supplies 🤎

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✨ cozy days ✨

still absolutely loving my @flexispot_official all in one comhar standing desk! 🥰 hope everybody’s week starts off well!
See below for some of @flexispot_official’s offers this month.

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Get an extra $30 off when you buy through my link 🤎 *
🤎 svantto portable monitor 🤎

just absolutely obsessed with this monitor 🥰 thank you again!! @svantto_official 

Buy your own here! (find it through the link in my bio too!)
✨ studio ghibli & stardew kinda day ✨

Thank you so much to the team over at @svantto_official for sending me this amazing monitor! 🥰 it’s such a great addition to my setup, I love being able to play my switch while watching shows! 🤎

and as you can see my toddler also loves it haha 😂

 Get your own here!



image for link to Cozyyvalley’s discord server!
Cozyyvalley’s discord server!

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