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An Irish organisation that aims to combat misinformation around cannabis & advocate for drug law reform, harm reduction and drug education.


In just a single week we have heard:

⚠️ 50% of ‘cannabis jellies’ tested positive for deadly contamination and contained no THC

⚠️ A ‘bad batch’ of heroin is causing unprecedented levels of overdose in Dublin.

Read our statement on contaminated supply.

Some highlights from RTÉ Upfront last night with @senator_lynn_ruane , @amymcsweeneyy and Graham from @crainnorg #RTÉUpfront
Scandal at the Citizens’ Assembly cannabis vote.

Reid asks people to raise their hands if they understood the voting process on cannabis, about 5 say they did but a bunch of audible shouts of “no” and “absolutely not” are heard.

Watch and share.

In light of a somewhat disappointing citizens assembly we think it important to bring PBPs bill to decriminalise possession of up to 7 grams of cannabis forward to the Dáil, this can be done if PBP use their time to make it a priority.

Please sign and share this petition along with emailing your local reps asking them to make this a top priority.

If you have trouble writing an email to your local TDs there are resources available on uplift and you can also contact us via DMs here for help.

Link in bio.
The Citizens' Assembly on Drug Use is just about to finish its work.

 Speaking ahead of its final results, the Chair of the Assembly Mr. Paul Reid told the Irish Times that they are 'set' to liberalise existing drug laws.

The Irish Times reported that this is likely to include a form of decriminalisation - but not legalisation. 

What form this decriminalisation takes is currently not yet known. 

The 100 members of the Assembly are set to vote over the next few weeks on their final recommendations to Government. 

Crainn presented to the Assembly last month, laying out our thoughts on how the members should approach cannabis. 

Our recommendations include decriminalisation of home-growing, which would allow for a social club system to emerge. 

We also believe that full-scale legalisation should happen, and that efforts to begin that complex process should start following the Assembly.

We have written to Paul Reid of the Citizens' Assembly seeking urgent clarification on the matters raised in the Irish Times today.

Alternative voices to the Gardaí need to be brought in to the next session for necessary balance within the current debate.

Watch Crainn's FULL presentation to the Citizens' Assembly made this Sunday.

The Citizens' Assembly was set up by Government earlier this year to investigate Irish drug law, with a view to changing some serious problems going forward.

Ireland's Citizens' Assembly process is regarded internationally as one of, if not the best examples of democratic procedure. 

It involves 99 random members of the Irish public being tasked with considering often challenging and complex issues over the course of several months.

In October, those members will vote on motions concerning drug law.

In the past, the Citizens' Assembly has brought around historic social change such as the right to same-sex marriage, gender equality and abortion rights.

We believe strongly that this time it will be no different.




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