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Dalinghaus Construction, Inc

 Elsinore, CA

Dalinghaus Construction, Inc is one of the most recognized foundation repair specialists in Southern California and Central Arizona and has been servicing foundations for years. Today, Brian and Brad Dalinghaus strive not only to provide great customer service but develop a familial work environment. Boasting years of combined construction experience, Dalinghaus specializes in foundation repair, Steel Pier Systems, polyurethane deep injections, concrete leveling, waterproofing, seismic retrofitting, and more—to serve many clients. The core values that Brian and Brad live by are: we are part of a team; we always do the right thing; we own it; and we never settle. We are more than a foundation concrete lifting in Riverside County; we are a company of like-minded individuals who strive to provide the best service in the industry while breaking down typical contractor stereotypes along the way. Our team serves all of Southern California (and Nevada), Arizona, and Nevada! Call us today!



Ever wonder what lifting a home 7 inches looks like?🤔 
Check out our lift in Dana Point on a hillside home that had settled almost 8 entire inches!😳 
Why do you think this home settled in the first place?? 
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Our Inspector, Armando Sandoval, performed the initial foundation inspection on this beautiful 1960’s home in Mission Viejo, CA.  Unfortunately, Armando came across multiple signs of a settling foundation and ultimately measured 5.9 inches of settlement.  He designed a repair plan consisting of helical piers to stabilize the home from future settling, and attempt to lift the home in the process.

This is footage from Jesse and his crew’s hard work!  We lifted the home to maximum practical recovery after installing the 11 helical piers to competent, load-bearing strata.  We’re in this city pretty often with foundation repair projects, mainly due to the amount of clay present in the soils all around Mission Viejo.
Installing 15 helical piles to load bearing strata in Laguna Niguel earlier this week!💪🏽 
This home with a beautiful view has settled well over 3 inches and has began moving laterally towards the massive slope in the backyard!  Our team at @dalinghausconstruction will attempt to lift this home to recover the 3+ inches of settlement before stabilizing the home and preventing any movement in the future. 
Have you ever seen a home being lifted? 
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It’s Friday!! You know what that means.. 
Happy #FatHeadFriday! 
Our project design specialist team was feeling a little left out from our FHF posts, so we got the majority of their team in one shot! 
Hope you have a fantastic weekend!💪🏽 
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Continued training and education is an important piece to the foundation repair puzzle here at Dalinghaus Construction. 
Today we had the pleasure of receiving both classroom and in-the-field carbon fiber training with Steve from 
Our team learned about various different types of carbon fiber applications as well as seeing how CFRP or Carbon Fiber Reinforced Polymers are applied to flat surfaces! 
Thank you for spending time with our team today, @steveandrewzz! 
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It’s helical pile time💪🏽 
Yesterday we checked in with one of our crews in San Diego.  They installed 18 of these helical piles to stabilize and attempt to lift the home after it had settled 4.5 entire inches in some areas😳 
Matt, Dillon, and Isaac each had different responsibilities while working together to drive these helicals into the earth. 
In these photos you’ll see Dillon taking of the spindle or adapter that allows them to connect a round shaft helical to a hexagonal coming off the hydraulic torque motor… Matt is manhandling the helical during installation, and Isaac standing over the hydraulic switch board waiting for the go ahead to drive! 
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Today our crew in Dana Point is wrapping up their push pier #foundationrepair project with backfilling and compacting their pier locations. 
This is Jonathan installing their last push pier down to competent, load-bearing soils to stabilize the home and prevent any future settlement or sinking. 
#WeFixFoundations #NeverSettle #FoundationRepair #WeLiftHomes


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